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Solace Piccolo is dedicated to bring meaningful innovation to paediatric segment. As a specialty pharmaceutical company, we are focused on providing better answers for healthcare needs of today’s children. Solace Piccolo offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the growing demand of the medicines in paediatric segment because we believe that the smaller the patient, the greater the care he needs. The combination of our scientific know-how, innovative technologies and quality products position us to become a dynamic, innovative and vibrant pharmaceutical company in paediatric healthcare arena.


We are a dynamic, growing organisation dedicated to development and marketing the paediatric drugs. The company was named after Piccolo, meaning a small flute sounding an octave higher than the ordinary one. It is a highest pitched instrument in an orchestra, adding sparkle and brilliance to overall sound.

Committed to provide the best healthcare for generation next

• Solace Piccolo offers a comprehensive range of pediatric products to meet the growing demand of the medicines in this segment as we believe that smaller the patient, more the care they need.
• Solace piccolo offers a huge range of products including tablets, syrups and suspensions to meet the demand for the medicine in this segment.

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We are committed in providing our customers and patients, community and society with a bright future. Our commitment is made possible because we are a different kind of pharma company.

How We Do It

  • particular focus on the pharmaceutical formulation to ensure high quality
  • easier administration
  • Special attention towards Packing & designing to ensure the preservance of prolonged quality
  • comprehensive product range to cover various therapeutic segments


We have a passion for developing and creating innovative products and solutions that offer better health to smaller patients.Pediatric medicines have long been neglected by the pharmaceutical industry. Children differ from adults in their biology, their needs for specific routes of drug administration . It is therefore essential that drugs used to treat children are developed properly and using child-friendly formulations.

Our unique business model, unwavering integrity towards our focused areas and innovative work culture set us apart as a leading pediatric specialty pharmaceutical company.


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