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Piccolo, meaning small flute producing high pitch than the ordinary flute. It is the instrument in an orchestra, add sparkle and beauty to overall sound. Like the small blossoms of the family, adding smiles and happiness in the family.


Solace Piccolo is committed to bring innovation in pediatric segment. We are focused in providing better option for healthcare of today’s children. We combine our scientific know-how, innovation technology and produce quality products which helps us in becoming a dynamic, innovative and vibrant pharma company in pediatric segment.


• Solace Piccolo offers a comprehensive range of pediatric products to meet the growing demand of the medicines in this segment as we believe that smaller the patient, more the care they need.
• Solace piccolo offers a huge range of products including tablets, syrups and suspensions to meet the demand for the medicine in this segment.

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We are committed in providing our customers and patients, community and society with a bright future. Our commitment is made possible because we are a different kind of pharma company.

How We Do It

  • Quality products.
  • Superior quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Attractive and Quality packing
  • We use ITC Saphire paper in our boxes.
  • We have clarity in foil.


Solace Piccolo is a division of top ISO 9001:2015 certified company and is regarded as a specialist in offering a comprehensive range of Pharmaceutical Pediatric Products. What Solace Piccolo offers is quite immense as compared to other top pediatric pharmaceutical companies in India. We manufacture safe and Quality Pediatric Medicines only and never do any sort of compromise with our quality parameters for the betterment of our end customers. The tagline of Solace Piccolo is “nurturing tomorrow” which means that we are committed to deliver such a qualitative products which will help us in contributing to the growth of children and infants. We manufacture our entire range of Pharmaceutical Pediatric Products under GMP/WHO Certified Units and we have followed strict guidelines of Indian Medical Association and have been very careful while developing and preparing medicines for infants and children owing to their need for great care and caution. Access to good health is not only about the price of medicines but also with its wide acceptance.


We believe that children are the most valuable resource, as they are the future of next generation and hence become the most important aspect of healthcare industry. The wide range of our Pharmaceutical Pediatric products include Pediatric Medicines like Tablets, capsules, Liquids, Dry Syrups and Pediatric Drops, etc. Solace Piccolo has created a very good reputation for itself in the market. Our pediatric products are very well accepted by the customers. Over the years with our ethical business practices we have won the trust of many doctors and health professionals. We are committed to identify and filling the important unmet needs across a multitude of therapeutic areas and conducting our business with integrity and consistent with the highest ethical standards. Solace Piccolo will continue to develop pediatric medicines that have a specific use in younger patients.


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